Eyelash Extensions

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Classic, Hybrid or Russian Volume Lashes.

Belle Angelique Boutique offers a bespoke set of eyelash extensions to all clients because we believe each client is unique and therefore we tailor our lashes to the needs of the individual, whilst always maintaining the health of your natural lashes.


Eyelash Excellence Brand Ambassadors

We are proud to be brand ambassadors for one of the biggest eyelash extension companies in the industry; Eyelash Excellence, meaning we only use the highest quality lash extension products on the market, meaning your extensions will always feel soft and weightless, and never overloaded or uncomfortable.


Why Choose Belle Angelique Boutique?

  • Senior technician and lash extension trainer Hannah has trained with some of the biggest companies in the eyelash extension industry. This has given her a wealth of knowledge and techniques enabling her to lash any client that walks through the door, which is often not an easy task.
  • All our lashes are individually tailored to each client’s natural lashes, eye shape and desired “look”, this means you will receive a bespoke set of lashes just for you. There is no “one size fits all” when you come to us.
  • Our main priority is looking after the health of your natural lashes and ensuring they are happy and healthy at all times. By doing this you will never need to have a break from having extensions.
  • We will only apply suitable lash extensions to your natural lashes, we will never overload them with heavy unsuitable lashes.
  • A Professional application means absolutely NO DAMAGE will ever occur to your natural lashes.
  • You can have long lashes all the time with no mascara needed EVER AGAIN.
  • Fully Qualified and Insured.

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions come in a vast array of lengths, thicknesses and curls meaning that a bespoke set of lashes is created for each individual client. Eyelash Extensions give you the opportunity to frame your face, enhance the eye area, and are perfect for glamorous events, holidays, or everyday wear.


Classic Individual Lashes

One Individual eyelash extension is placed on one individual natural lash. Classic lashes are perfect for a more natural look or for people who are new to having eyelash extensions.

Classic Full Set:

Junior Technician Mia: £50 (Usually £70)

Senior Technician Hannah: £70


Hybrid Lashes

The best of both worlds, this is a mix of Classic and Russian lashes.  This style gives you a fuller look than classic alone, but perhaps a less full set than a full set of Russian lashes would give.

This style can be very natural or you can go for something a little more dramatic as you are able to play around with different lengths, textures, and thicknesses of the 2 types of lashes which can give you a lovely contrast.

Hybrid Full Set:

Junior Technician Mia £60 (Usually £80)

Senior Technician Hannah £80


Russian Volume Lashes

Multiple light weight lashes known as fans are applied to each individual natural lash creating a much fuller look than classic individual lashes.  Also known as 3d/4d/5d/6d lashes.

Full Russian Set: 

Junior Technician Mia: £60 (Usually £90)

Senior Technician Hannah: £90

 (Up to 3 hours of lashing time.)
A full set of russian volume with roughly 80-100% coverage depending how many natural lashes you have.


What our clients say

Hannah is an absolute gem! Got my lashes done for the first time and I’m so glad I did! She’s great at what she does and takes pride in her work. She’s professional, kind and is so knowledgeable about her craft. I’m so pleased with the results, it’s crazy what it does for your confidence, I’ll be back for more visits.
Thanks Hannah. xx


Loved getting my lashes done by Hannah! She was extremely warm and welcoming and gave me all the advice I needed both before and after I got my lashes done. Would highly recommend her to anyone as I’m sooooo happy with my extensions and how light they feel! Already booked in for my infill.


**Important information**

  • Please arrive at your full set appointment free of any eye makeup, ESPECIALLY Mascara as it is extremely difficult to get off.
  • Please cleanse your lashes thoroughly before every infill appointment. Dirty lashes mean less lashing time as we will have to cleanse your lashes for you and this will eat into your appointment time.

Eyelash Extension Aftercare

Your new extensions will need a little bit of TLC to keep them looking as perfect as when they were first applied. You will be expected to cleanse your lashes thoroughly at home a MINIMUM of 3 times a week (more if you are a heavy make up wearer or you have oily skin). You will also be expected to cleanse your lashes thoroughly before every infill appointment.

Belle Angelique Boutique stock an aftercare kit that includes everything you will need to keep your lashes squeaky clean.  Cleaning your lashes regularly helps them to last longer, which ultimately keeps your lashes looking as thick and full for as long as possible.

Aftercare Kit: £10