Semi-Permanent Make Up (SPMU)

Semi-Permanent Make Up (Also known as SPMU, Micro pigmentation or cosmetic tattooing).

Is a technique used to create a cosmetic enhancement. The procedure involves superficial placement of pigment under the skin using very fine needles. The procedure is different to regular tattooing due to pigment being used instead of ink. The placement of the pigment is also more shallow than a regular tattoo. Therefore the procedure is semi-permanent and will require future touch up procedures as SPMU is carefully implanted in a layering process.

A full consultation, medical history and patch rest will be carried out prior to your procedure.
If applicable to your treatment an agreed template and colour will be drawn on before any procedure begins.

Brow treatments

Currently the most popular and in demand procedure to improve shape, symmetry and balance. Create beautiful brows using a variety of techniques. Brows really do frame the face and open up the eyes. This procedure is a time saver for anyone who currently wears makeup to define their shape.

  • Hair simulation or hair stroke is the most natural looking, creating ultra-fine strokes which replicate natural hair. This is an ideal treatment for anybody wanting thicker or more defined natural looking brows. Perfect for thinning or overplucked brows.
  • Powdered brow for a bolder look using a combination of hair stroke simulation and shading. for those wanting a stronger looking brow, the illusion of having makeup over the brow.

£300 for 2 sessions
Minimum of 2 sessions required


Perfect for made up eyes 24/7. You can achieve anything from a natural subtle lash enhancement to a full liner effect that will not smudge. Upper, lower or both!

Thicker liners do generally require more than two sessions

Please note you must be free from lash extensions

£300 for 2 sessions
Minimum of 2 sessions required


Offering Lip liner for outer body definition and full lip blush/ colour for a blended all over beautiful shade. Lips will look fuller and more shapely. For fabulous lips at all times!

Antiviral medication required prior to treatment if you have ever suffered from cold sores.

Is not suitable for darker Fitzpatrick skin types.

£350 for 2 sessions
Minimum of 2 sessions required


Cosmetic treatments listed above can also be used for medical purposes such as eyebrow restoration for alopecia patients and lip definition for cleft palate

Areola also known as Nipple Areola Complex (NAC)

Some patients who have undergone mastectomy seek a natural looking areola. This can be achieved using micropigmentation and 3D nipple enhancement by using pigments to recreate or redefine an areola.

This procedure is also suitable for women who have had cosmetic surgery and have lost definition/ colour of the areola. Also suitable for a cosmetic procedure whereby darkening the areola can create a more youthful appearance.

£350 for 2 sessions
Minimum of 2 sessions required

Burns and scars- MCA- Multitrepannic Collagen Actuation

Micro needling is a treatment which can help relax and improve scar appearances.

Can be used on most types of scarring including acne, stretch marks, surgical scars, burns, cleft lip to flatten scars and stimulate collagen production to bring back pigment to a pale area. Treatment can be carried out a year post scarring. Can also be used in combination with NAC around a grafted area. This procedure can produce great results on the majority of surgical, trauma related scarring.

£300 for 2 sessions
Minimum of 2 sessions required. Medical procedures may require several sessions. To be discussed upon consultation


Inserting colour where colour has been lost, perhaps from a conditions such as vitiligo. We recommend Vitiligo patients have been dormant for 6 years prior to this treatment.

Camo is also suitable for skin grafts where pigment has been lost to create a more natural looking skin graft with skin coloured pigment.

Minimum of 2 sessions required. Medical procedures may require several sessions. To be discussed upon consultation.


A recent change in guidelines means that clients must apply their own anaesthetic cream prior to treatment. You can purchase topical anaesthetic such as Emla or LMX from most large pharmacies over the counter without a prescription. It is advisable to patch test this cream.
You must apply the anaesthetic generously with a cotton bud or the spatula provided in the box to your treatment area at least half an hour before your procedure.
Failure to do so may result in treatment continuing without an anaesthetic therefore is advisable for your own comfort.

Your technician will request you are makeup/ moisturiser free on the area to be treated.
You must avoid alcohol, caffeine and any blood thinning medication such as ibuprofen/ aspirin for 24 hours prior to your treatment. You must be fit and well on the day of your procedure.

Avoid any tweezing, waxing and tinting for a minimum of 48 hours pre procedure
It is important that you follow the advice of your technician for your chosen procedure

Medications and Medical Conditions

Certain Medications can impact the treatment or result of your SPMU. It may be advisable to you not to proceed with treatment which will be discussed at consultation.

Total Exclusions for treatment include but is not exhaustive;
Anyone under the age of 18
Pregnant or Breastfeeding
Certain Medications such as blood thinners, roaccutane, antabuse and steroids
Damage to the skin of the proposed treatment area
Being under the influence of drugs and or alcohol
Anyone affected by keloid scarring

You may not be able to have treatment if you;
Have a nickel allergy
Are taking certain medications
Have recently suffered from certain medical conditions

Post Treatment

It is very common for the treatment area to appear red and or swollen immediately post treatment. It is common for the area to produce light scabbing 7-10 days post treatment. You must not pick or pull at any scabbing as this can lead to infection and may result in scarring. The treatment area will fade after one session this is normal and could look patchy. The healing process is defined as follows- heal, peel and fade.

It is important to keep the treatment clean and area dry. This means avoiding swimming, hot baths, saunas, jacuzzis and the gym until the area has healed usually 7-10 days post treatment.,

Initial implanted colour will also initially look darker and more intense

Every client needs a minimum of 2 SPMU sessions for pigments to hold in the skin. A second treatment ideally needs to be taken 4-6 weeks after the initial session. A second session can never be taken before 4 weeks. The effect will then last an average of 6-18 months , top up procedures required. Results can vary depending on skin type. All will be discussed during an in-depth consultation with your technician

Sun exposure, chemical peels, medications and aesthetic treatments can affect the longevity of your treatment

If you plan to have future laser treatments you must inform your technician you have had spmu. You should avoid laser sessions directly over your treatment area.
Lasers can alter the colour of your spmu should this be near or over your treatment area.

Should you have an MRI or CAT scan you must inform your radiologist that you have had this procedure as you may experience a tingling sensation and this will show up on your scan.

The Red Cross advises against giving blood for 4 months post procedure


About your Technician

Chloe has been in the Aesthetics Industry for the past 14 years and is passionate about making people look and feel good. She has a professional and empathetic approach to everything she does and her client’s needs are at the forefront of her work.

Chloe was trained by the Prestigious and well recognised Finishing Touches Training school in both Cosmetic and Medical Micropigmentation.

Chloe works with the highest quality machines and products available to the market.

She is a fully Insured Technician and also holds a Level 4 Accreditation for Application of SPMU.